This will be the 19th year of the Oak Bay Car show.    About 300 cars will be displayed along the show line with over 15,000 enthusiasts

Viewing the cars .   All types of collectable cars from early 1900’s to latest electric models.   I’m on the organizing committee and responsible for the

Aston Martin and Super Exotic display area.    It will be my 4th time with the Aston display and the 2nd Time with the Super Exotics.

Photo from Left to right:

John Armitage – Representative,

John Fairclough – Assistant Rep,

Wyman Lee – Assistant Rep

For Further information contact: Wyman Lee at

Some links from previous events:

Stonebridge Equestrian Centre Video – July 29, 2018

Carlton House Video – July 30, 2018


Event Date:

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