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THE CARS AND MOTORCYCLES of England has been relocated to Hope Lodge in Fort Washington. Field opens at 8:30am – Judging begins at 10:00am.

This years event is hosted by the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club Delaware Valley Triumphs Ltd. In the past few years AMOC members have shown a strong presence at this show. June 1, 2019

Contact Area Rep: Len Levin  phone: 610.272.3812

Contact Area Rep: Wil Wong
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This will be the 19th year of the Oak Bay Car show.    About 300 cars will be displayed along the show line with over 15,000 enthusiasts

Viewing the cars .   All types of collectable cars from early 1900’s to latest electric models.   I’m on the organizing committee and responsible for the

Aston Martin and Super Exotic display area.    It will be my 4th time with the Aston display and the 2nd Time with the Super Exotics.

Photo from Left to right:

John Armitage – Representative,

John Fairclough – Assistant Rep,

Wyman Lee – Assistant Rep

For Further information contact: Wyman Lee at

Some links from previous events:

Stonebridge Equestrian Centre Video – July 29, 2018

Carlton House Video – July 30, 2018


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Aston Martin Owners Club – Road Trip to Colorado June 30, 2019

Aston Martin Owners Club – Road Trip to Colorado
The Red River Chapter of the AMOC has organized a 5-day, ~770 mile road trip event through the Colorado Rockies, and all AMOC members are invited to join! We meet in Colorado Springs on June 30th, and from there we make our way up to Estes Park where we will be staying at the historic Stanley Hotel over 4th of July. This event is entirely free – you just pay whatever it costs for hotels, gas, and food. There is a cap of 50 people and there are currently 42 signed up coming from California, Texas, and Colorado, so space is limited and hotel rooms are running low. The full, detailed itinerary is attached along with detailed information about the hotels and how to make your reservations.

If you wish to join us on this epic journey please make your hotel reservations ASAP and then contact Brian Greenstone at so that you will be added to the official event Evite and receive any updates and information. Optionally, you can RSVP directly on the Evite here:


This AMOC Members-only road trip starts in Colorado Springs on Monday, July 1st. Depending on how far you’re driving to get there you may have to leave Saturday or Sunday. From Colorado Springs to Estes Park, the road trip will involve ~770 miles / 15 hours of driving spread out over 4 days. It is imperative that you RSVP on the event event Evite since all communications and updates will be done there.

Our route takes us all over the central Rockies, so the scenery should be quite spectacular! We will be making stops in Crested Butte, Aspen / Snowmass, and Estes Park. Every day has a hiking / sightseeing option. 3 of the 4 hikes are morning hikes, so you can always skip that, sleep in, and meet up with us for the drive later, but these hikes are going to be well worth the effort, and are fairly easy and short.


Expect daytime highs to be 72-77º with nighttime lows of 39-46º. We will be at 6000-9000’ elevation most of the time, so those coming in from sea level should be careful the first few days. It takes a day per 1000’ of elevation change to acclimate.


You do not need to bring anything fancy. Just comfortable driving clothes, hiking clothes & shoes, and whatever you’re comfortable in for dinner. Temperatures will go from cold to warm, so take that into account.


The full details on lodging are in the separate Lodging document, but here’s the summary:

You will need to make your own reservations. You should make your reservations ASAP because we are *not* getting room blocks held for us – just discounted rates. Being 4th of July these rooms will book up sooner rather than later, so you should do this immediately while there is still availability! Here are the four places you need to make reservations:

June 30th:   The Cliff House at Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs $197 (inclusive)

Arrive at The Cliff House at Pikes Peak in Manitou Springs (just outside of Colorado Springs) anytime today/tonight. Manitou Springs is a fun little tourist town with lots of touristy shopping, so if you arrive early enough you can tour the town or tour the nearby Broadmoore Hotel area. Around 7:00 pm those who have arrived can meet for dinner.


9:00 am…. 

After breakfast at The Cliff House hotel we will head over to Garden of the Gods (5.5 miles away) for some easy morning hiking.

11:00 pm….

Set Waze to House Rock Kitchen in Buena Vista for lunch. Drive is 91 miles @ 1:46h.

1:00 pm….

Lunch at House Rock Kitchen.

2:00 pm….

Set Waze to

The Lodge  at Mountaineer Square

in Crested Butte. 113 miles @ 2:11h.

4:30 pm Arrive in Crested Butte

Lodge at Mountaineer Square in Crested Butte $258.47 (inclusive)

Day 2: Tuesday July 2nd:

9:00 am….

This morning we head to The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument for some incredible drives and views. Possibly some short walks to scenic spots, but no major hiking. Set Waze to South Rim Visitor Center. 92 miles @ 1:51h

11:00 am….

Visit the Visitor Center & the Gunnison Point Overlook.

11:30 pm….

Now we drive down into the canyon. Head back to the Entrance Station – there turn left onto East Portal Road. It’s about 6 miles down into the canyon to the river.

12:15 pm….

Set Nav to The Stone House in Montrose for lunch. ~20 miles / 35 minutes.

1:00 pm….

Lunch at The Stone House

2:30 pm….

Set Waze to Hayes Creek Falls 93 miles @ 2:00h. Parking is on the pullouts on the side of the highway, and the falls are just 100’ from the road.

4:45 pm….

Set Waze to Viceroy Hotel in Snowmass. 48 miles @ 1:00h.

6:00 pm….

Arrive at Viceroy Hotel in Snowmass.

Viceroy Snowmass $200 (+tax & fees)

Day 3: Wednesday July 3 & 4

7:00 am….

For those who want an early morning hike to see what is generally deemed the most scenic place in Colorado we will head over to Maroon Bells which is about 16 miles from the hotel. Plan on hiking & exploring for 2-3 hours. If we are lucky and get there early enough we may be able to park (public parking is cut off after 8am and may fill even earlier). Otherwise, we take the bus into the park. Those not hiking get to sleep in or go explore Aspen.

11:00 am….

Set Waze for Butterhorn Bakery Cafe in Frisco for lunch. 98 miles @ 2:38h

1:40 pm….

Arrive at Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe for Lunch 2:30pm Set Waze to Berthoud Pass 59 miles @ 1:08h (pee stop)

4:00 pm….

Set Waze to Alpine Visitor Center 69 miles @ 1:30h.

5:30 pm….

Alpine Visitor Center short walk @ 12,000ft to see the overlook (pee stop)

6:00 pm….

Set Waze to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. 25 miles @ 0:40h

6:45 pm….

Arrive at The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park $304+



Today is the 4th of July and we have lots of options to choose from: hike, drive, relax, etc.

Hike to Emerald Lake

7:00 am….

For those who are up to it we will meet in the lobby and head out to the

Bear Lake Trailhead. The trailhead is about a 1/2 hour drive from the hotel, and here we will be doing a 3.5 mile out and back hike to Emerald Lake. We must get an early start because this trail and parking lot gets packed!

Scenic Drive

Have lunch at the hotel before heading out because nothing will be open on the road.

12:30 pm….

In case you haven’t seen enough beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery, here’s another chance to see more! Set Waze to US Forest Service Visitor Center on Poudre Canyon Hwy: 66 miles @ 2:05.

3:20 pm….

Pee stop at Visitor Center then turn around and go back the way you came.

5:30 pm….

Arrive back at Stanley Hotel.

Evening Festivities

8:00 pm….

Dinner @ Hotel

9:30 pm….

Fireworks show!!!

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Red River Region Annual Retreat and TXABCDE Car Show in Dallas, Texas May 3, 2019, 9:00am – May 5, 2019, 11:30pm

Our annual retreat takes place from May 3rd-5th, and we will be staying at The Inn on the River in Glen Rose, TX.




Hill Country Galleria
12701 Hill Country Blvd Ste O-140
Bee Cave, TX 78738

A scenic drive on Saturday with lunch and dinner. Then on Sunday we head into Dallas for the Texas All British Car Days show.

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Report by… Mike Odierna
Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, 14 to 18 January:

CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, many are automotive. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

– Chinese manufacturers have raised the bar to seriously compete and even exceed against first world businesses with their products.  China, as you are aware, is merging development and marketplace with 1st world countries. One of many examples is German and Chinese business.  To my surprise, Nico Rosberg (obviously the 2016 F1 Champ) was on stage with their new electric SUV.

– Major manufacturers, like Mercedes, BMW are now beginning to call themselves “tech companies” too with all that’s ongoing autonomous with AI and VR developments.  One major communication is Instagram. Mercedes said they have one Billion followers. Not sure how they calculate that “billion” number, but that’s what they said to the press.

– All companies are focusing on safety and pollution improvements. Part of the autonomous roll-out plans.

– Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside vehicles is a key strength of all manufacturers.  Many are beginning to incorporate, “Hey Alexa”, “Hey Google”, “Hey Mercedes” in their cars.  Manufactures want owners to talk to their car like they do to their passengers and as the ultimate “wearable”.  An emotional connection with the vehicle, “it’s hot” A/C turns down automatically. Or “turn on A/C at home to 72 degrees”.

BMW’s system currently does beat the better-known voice assistance in one area:  you can set a dedicated name for its example, (Lydia and Megan) for greater individuality.  The car maker’s Intelligent Personal Assistant taps into BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud and artificial intelligence to learn your routines and habits, so you simply can say  “Take me home.” Similarly, saying “I’m cold” will adjust the temperature.

There was even a Mercedes AI “Justice of the Peace” “roadside chapel” demo,  in which two young couples got married inside their car. Maybe doing away with fake Elvis’ in the future for Las Vegas.   

– AI will determine drivers emotions for safety.  That can be difficult for some Italians, like me. 🙂

 – Passengers can connect with Virtual reality(VR), meaning video games, educational VR content that works with car’s movements adapting real time.    

– Many new business partnerships being formed for the future for “fully” supported self-driving vehicles.  They call it “trickle down technology”.

– Vehicle screens going super-sized.  Take a glance at the displays and think you are at the movies.  Mercedes EQC crossover features two 10.25-inch displays behind glass surface forming a free-standing screen.  Automakers say if done properly, a bigger screen can enhance safety by providing more useful info, such as lights about to turn red, accident alerts or road conditions ahead. Far advanced to what Waze provides today.  Key to that CEO Kaellenius of Daimler told us, “you need to own the digital soul of your car.” Point was that driver distraction would decline, not rise, with a larger screen, as drivers no longer struggle through a myriad of options cluttered on a small screen/knobs.     

– Corvette announced their Genovation GXE, which is an electric Corvette with 800 HP and a manual gearbox.   Top speed 220 mph/ 354 kph. Here’s a link:

-Lots of discussion about 5G that is slowly rolling out.  IMO, not much in 2019.

For fully autonomous vehicles, clearly, it is here in restricted areas.  But one of the biggest challenges is infrastructure, each city and county has its own application programming interfaces (APIs). The ecosystem is not one company that can do it all, plus (obviously) government regulations, roads, need standardization.  So driving fully autonomously from Milano to Paris will take many years or even, New York City, New York to Boston, Massachusetts, IMO.

As I walk the floors, speak with developers, engineers,  scientists, doctors, startup owners to also major CEOs of businesses, we all envision a future with safer roads with driving warning systems, less pollution, smarter infrastructure and greater access to health and wellness innovations.  The possibilities are endless; some are already here, many on the cusp for the future.

Here is the latest report on the Electric Lagonda.